Making an Ofrenda


An ofrenda (“offering” in Spanish) is created to honor a deceased loved one (human or animal) and to welcome their spirit back for a visit. A central part of Día de los Muertos celebrations, family members in Mexico work together to create an ofrenda in the home. In this workshop, we will discuss the significance of the ofrenda. We will then each make an ofrenda with items brought to class. Ofrenda items typically include photos, candles, incense, marigold flowers, pan de muerto, toiletries, sugar skulls, fresh fruit, favorite foods and drinks of the deceased, and personal items and mementos of the deceased. We will end the workshop by sharing our ofrendas with each other. You will also have the opportunity to include your ofrenda in the Ofrenda Exhibition on November 2. 

When: Thursday, November 1, 6:00-9:00pm
Where: The Provincetown Theater
Instructor: Dawn Walsh – Festival Director, Death EducatorArts Administrator 
Materials: Please bring items for your ofrenda, including cloth to cover table 
Cost: Suggested donation $10
To Register: Email