Mexican Tin Art

tin art

One of the most versatile and beautiful expressions of Mexican folk art is hojalata (tin art work). Regions in Mexico that specialize in hojalata include Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende and Tonalá, Jalisco. Hojalata is produced by cutting, shaping, stamping, punching, embossing and painting pieces of tin. Mexican tin art is often created with a sense of humor, imagination and the use of brightly colored lacquered paints. Day of the Dead hojalata include skulls, angels, animal skeletons and human skeletons shown in motion such as dancing, riding a bike or playing an instrument. Elaborate picture frames, excellent for displaying photos of deceased loved ones, are also common forms of hojalata. Come try your hand at Mexican tin art. You are sure to have fun!

When: Monday, October 30, 6:00-9:00pm
Where: The Provincetown Theather
Instructors: Jesse & Neile Horowitz – jewelers, Jewelry Studio of Wellfleet
Materials: Materials provided
Cost: Suggested donation $10, plus $5 materials fee
To Register: Email