The Art of Dying

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We often speak about our quality of life – but what about our quality of death? We spend time cultivating our style of living – but what about our style of dying? In the El Día de los Muertos tradition of looking at death head on, this workshop provides an opportunity to discuss issues of dying in preparation of our own inevitable deaths. The discussion will focus on creating an Advanced Directive, a legal document and statement of personal medical ethics detailing how one wishes to be treated at the end of life. When creating an Advance Directive, considerations include selecting a Power of Attorney who best understands your wishes and can advocate for you if you are unable to do so. During the workshop, we will explore what those actual wishes are with regard, for example, to aggressive medical treatment, chronic or terminal illness or acute trauma. Other considerations include issues such as pain control, nursing homes, financial limits, right-to-die, comfort, dignity and disposition of remains. What are your best death practices? Join us as we explore that question for ourselves and begin the process of creating an Advance Directive.

When: Wednesday, November 1, 3:00-5:00pm 
Where: UU Meeting House
Faciliator: Anne Baer Clark – End of Life Care Practitioner, Poet, Quaker
Materials: Materials provided
Cost: Suggested donation $10
To Register: Email