Performing Arts

Performing Arts-crop

Friday, November 2, 7:00pm
The Provincetown Theater

Join us for a spectacular evening of music, dance, song, spoken word, and performance art as we celebrate life and honor death.

Featured Performance Artist
Pooja Prema
Pooja Prema will premier a revised cut of A Lot to Ask. A performance poem exploring Death and Life through the lens of the “global citizen,” this piece honors the migration and displacement heritage of many of our ancestors, while reframing the current discourse on immigration and border conflicts. Through movement, spoken word, and moving image, Prema pushes the boundaries of theatre to find out what’s truly at risk, and why love may be the most pragmatic gesture in reclaiming our shared humanity.

Pooja has been deeply influenced and taught by the aesthetic, ritual & performance traditions of her homeland- Kerala, South India. She is founding director of Rogue Angel Theatre, an experimental ritual-based theatre/ dance company in the Berkshires. Her work is about creating a container in which to grieve, to feel, and then to allow the very real possibility of personal and collective healing, re-connection, and celebration of our humanity, and the awakening of deeper empathy and compassion for all with whom we share this planet.

The program also includes performances by:
John Dennis Anderson
The Mosquito Story Slam
Wisdom of the Masks
Fleet Movement with Rebecca Burrill

When: Friday, November 2, 7:00pm
Where: The Provincetown Theater
Cost: Suggested donation $10-$20